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Wildlife Damage Repairs & Prevention

Perhaps the single most important step in solving a wildlife problem is performing the damage repairs and sealing shut the entry holes. The wild animals got into your house, that much is sure. Trapping and removing them fixes the problem temporarily, but if the holes are left open, you can be sure that new animals will find their way in, especially now that the previous critter tenant has left its scent behind. The only way to provide a permanent solution is to find all of the critter entry points, and to seal them shut permanently. We give a guarantee on all of our repairs - if a new animal gets through them and back into your house, we will trap and remove and re-do the repairs free of charge. In fact, in many cases, the only way to actually solve the problem is to do the repairs. For example, if you've got rats, it does no good to trap them unless the building is sealed shut. You can trap and trap, but new ones keep coming. Or, for example, with squirrels, we need to seal all entry holes
but one, and mount a special repeating trap on that hole. Wildlife control in homes and attics simply can't be done without sealing the entry points. When we perform a full inspection of your house and roof, we will let you know exactly what needs fixing, and give you a firm price quote to get it taken care of, correctly, the first time.

Houston Wildlife Tip
Rat and squirrel prevention for your home - The best rodent prevention at your home is to make sure your home’s defenses are adequate. This doesn’t mean installing a perimeter fence or buying a tiger to patrol the yard. Rat and squirrel defense is as simple as making sure your home is in good enough to condition to fend off a rodent attack. Homes that are damaged are particularly susceptible to rat infestations. Rat prevention means going around your home at each level and filling in holes that may become rat doorways. Home maintenance extends into the yard. Rats like to be under cover; they are prey animals. By keeping your grass cut short and your vegetation away from the ground, rats will have very little camouflage as they try to sneak toward your home. A rodent that has to run through an open area will be less inclined to linger there for long. Aside from home repair, there are no repellents on the market that can be relied on. Home remedies are just as ineffective. Your property needs to be well-kept, and your garbage needs to be put away or sealed tight. You cannot rid the outside world of rats, but you can prevent rats from ever becoming an issue at your home.