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Houston Raccoon Removal & Control

Many people are unaware that raccoons thrive in urban and suburban areas. They are much more common in cities than they are out in the forest. They steal pet food, they knock over garbage cans, they raid dumpsters, and people even feed them. They are very curious, intelligent, and strong, and they are generally fearless. They will break apart or break into anything they want. They often rip open holes in a roof or eave in order to live inside an attic. Female raccoons often break into an attic in order to have a safe place to raise young. They cause quite a bit of damage, and can also cause health risks. Raccoons also like chimneys. They often break into screened in pool areas, or even enter pet doors if they smell food inside. We like raccoons, so we remove them humanely,
and we raccoon-proof your home so that they can't break in again. We also provide general raccoon trapping on property, if you've got some raccoons causing you problems (killing fish, threatening pets, destroying plants, etc). We are a professional wildlife removal company, offering raccoon control services. We aren't a pest control or raccoon exterminator company. We provide humane raccoon trapping and relocation, and a completely solution to your Houston raccoon problem.

Houston Raccoon Removal Tip
Texas Raccoon in attic - A raccoon in the attic is not something most homeowners want to have to deal with. Not only are raccoons messy, they are smart enough to systematically tear apart pieces of your attic. If destruction is not enough of an annoyance, anywhere a raccoon lives will have a fair amount of feces and urine. And, of course, there’s always the little issue of rabies to worry about. Raccoons are one of the primary carriers of the always fatal rabies virus. This disease hazard makes the animals problematic to catch and release, and some states do not allow homeowners to take matters into their own hands. If you have to hire a professional to get rid of the raccoon, be grateful. The pro will have all the tools and experience needed to make sure no one is hurt during the removal process, including the animal. If you can trap and remove the Houston raccoon, a live trap will be the most practical method. Cage traps work well when baited with almost anything. Raccoons are not picky eaters. Once you have captured the raccoon, it should be relocated to an area where there will be ample shelter and a good possibility for food.

What to do about a cage shy raccoon: There are different kinds of raccoons, there are those that are very aggressive and there are those that lay low. It is very easy to trap the aggressive types but it is challenging to trap those that scared of people because they will always keep to themselves in the darkest corners of the house. So what do you do if you come across a cage shy raccoon?

Step one:
The first step is to inspect the behavioral aspects of the Texas raccoons before you can come up with the conclusion. Here are some of the characteristics that will help you determine the type of raccoon. If the raccoon is inactive and spends most of its time lying down in the basement, rarely goes out; then it is the shy type but if it portrays the opposite then it is the aggressive type. Our main interest is the shy type.

Step two:
You have to seclude the raccoon from the rest, secluding the aggressive types from the shy is easy because you can lure the rest using the rest using mash mellows, water melons or other sweet foods. You will be left with the shy type making it possible to capture it.

Step three:
You have to know that the cage shy raccoon is the easiest raccoon to trap because it is less active and less aggressive. The first thing to do is to wear your hand gloves, the significance of the hand gloves is to protect you from any possible infection or fro, being bitten.shy raccoons will always bite or scratch; they use these as their protective mechanisms.

Using a piece of cloth you can cover their eye sight to prevent them from scaring away. They will be calm enough after sometime and you can pick them up with your hands and place them into a box and then relocate them to their respective habitats away from your yard.

If you are scared of handling the Houston raccoon with your bare hands, you can use a snare poll and a bucket. With the snare poll, the Texas raccoon will climb up and then you have to direct the pole into the bucket. When the raccoon slides into the bucket, you can have to cover it using a lid to prevent them from escaping. You can then comfortably relocate the raccoon miles away or you can surrender it to the wildlife control units.

The most important thing is to ensure that you avoid harming them in any way; you have to be careful because the shy raccoons are rarely harmless. The other option is to contact the relevant authorities, they have professionals who are highly qualified and they will always use the proper techniques to get rid of the cage shy raccoons. If you follow this procedure to the latter you will be able to get rid of the raccoons comfortably.