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Houston Squirrel Removal & Control

Squirrels are one of the most common pest critters that we deal with. Yes, they're cute, and they're also abundant rodents who like to chew their way into attics. If you hear scampering around up in your ceiling or the eaves of your house, particularly in the morning or evening, then you've probably got some squirrels up there. Female squirrels often chew their way into an attic, because they are looking for a safe place to give birth to and raise their young. They have two litters of baby squirrels per year, and so they're often in attics. Many people don't even notice it when there's just the one squirrel, but as soon as the young grow up, they notice the five squirrels running around! We humanely remove all the squirrels in your attic, by trapping and relocating them, and we inspect the
house to find out how the squirrels got in. We then repair all of these openings, seal them shut, and do it with steel, so that no squirrels can get in again.

The common squirrel that we deal with here in Houston is the Eastern Gray Squirrel

We are a professional wildlife removal company, offering squirrel control services. We aren't a pest control or squirrel exterminator company. We provide humane squirrel trapping and relocation, and a completely solution to your Houston squirrel problem.

Houston Squirrel Removal Tip
How to get a squirrel out of the house - Squirrels in the house can be a real issue, especially if you’re sensitive to loud, constant noises. Not only are Texas squirrels unconcerned with keeping the peace, they are also very destructive and messy inside the confines of a building. The good thing about a squirrel is that it is not inside the home because it wants to eat your leftovers or chew on your wires. The squirrels see your home as a source of shelter. Most of the time these critters will be found in eaves or soffits where they have quick access to the outside. Getting rid of a Houston squirrel can be easy, but it depends on the number of animals and the location of their nest. You should never use snap traps or poison for squirrels. The most effective means of removal are repeater traps or exclusion doors. The exclusion door is a good method to use, allowing squirrels to exit the building but not to re-enter. The only serious complication will be if baby squirrels are in the home. Sadly, this is the case the majority of the time. Finding infant squirrels can be a boon for your trapping efforts. If place in a cage trap, the babies will always attract the mother squirrel.

How to keep Houston squirrels out of my bird feeders
Squirrels love bird seeds and they will try as much as much they can to get to them; to avoid this from taking place you have to come up with the best approaches that will prevent them from getting closer to your bird feeders.

Hang the feeder between two trees
You can slip the bird feeder onto a strong string or wire that is strong enough and then hang it between two trees. You also have to keep in mind that squirrels can swing across the branches and get to the feeders; you have to hang the feeders away from low branches. This will make it hard for them to reach the bird feeders. You can also use repellents like hot pepper. When the pepper is applied on the wire or string, the squirrels will not dare climb on them.

hang the bird feeder on a pole
Hanging the bird feeder on a thin pole is also a best option that will prevent the squirrels from getting to your bird feeder. When you use the pole, you have to make sure that you use the squirrel baffle. The baffle will prevent the squirrels from getting close to the bird feeders and your birds will always be contented with what you give you them.

Avoid sprinkling seeds on the ground
When filing the bird feeders, try hard not to spill the seeds on the ground. Spilling the seeds will always attract the Texas squirrels to the bird feeders where they will be attempted and even steal what is meant for your birds.

Clean up well
At the end of the day when your birds are done feeding, you have to clean all the feeders and take them indoors which will prevent the squirrels from destroying them in the name of getting something to eat. They also have to be well kept and get rid of any possible trails that will direct the squirrels from your birds and their seeds.

Use squirrel proof bird feeder
There are different models of these feeders all you have to do is to select the most appropriate type. The squirrel proof bird feeders will always repel the squirrels away and you will no longer have to guard the birds as they feed. You can also use other repellents like predator urine; sprinkle the urine around the bird feeder to prevent the squirrel from trying to topple them over. The odor from the urine will automatically scare them away and they will always keep their distance whenever they come across any bird feeders in your property. You will definitely save a lot when you use high quality bird feeders because they will effectively repel squirrel away.