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How to keep rats out of my garden

How to keep rats out of my garden: Being omnivores by nature, rats will eat almost anything that presents itself as available to them. Gardens can be a good source of nutritive and good quality food for rats, especially if you are an enthusiast in planting vegetables.

However, rats are very dangerous and unsanitary rodents. Rats are capable of hunting, thus attacking smaller animals, like your pet, or even a child. Rat feces can transmit many dangerous disease, some of them that have caused historically known epidemics that have claimed hundreds of thousands of lives.

Keeping rats away from your garden will have to start with the proper fencing. You will to get a stirdy fence and make sure there aren’t any gaps a rat might use to get in. Rats can sneak in through very small holes, and that’s why proper maintaining of your fences is important to keep them out.

The second thing you will need to pay attention to, is garbage in your garden. If there are any garbage cans present there, the smell of them could attract rats. Make sure to empty any trash you might be keeping in your garden on a regular basis. Also, make sure to use good quality trash cans.

Setting up traps should help you feel safer and catch the rats that eventually do crawl in your garden. Make sure to choose a proper bait that will not accidentally attract other species of animals.

If you have previously encountered rat invasions, you might feel tempted to reach for the rat poison. We would strongly discourage you to do that, because rat poison has a reputation to bring more harm than good. It is never safe to use poison in your home, and it would endanger your family members, children and pets.

Overall, rats pose a significant threat that should not be underestimated. If rats would be reading your garden, they could leave feces and possibly transmit some of the very dangerous disease they carry. If rats fed in your garden, anything you would get in touch it would pose a threat to your health.

In larger estates, rats are capable of causing great damage to farmers and homeowners. Because, basically, rats don’t have any particular type of food they are attracted to, anything could be appealing enough then, if they are hungry enough, and they would attempt to invade.

The most effective mechanism in protecting yourself against rad invasion is proper maintaining of your garden. Nothing can replace that. Good hygiene and fencing are the things that make crucial difference between a garden that is infected with rats, and the one that isn’t. v
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