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We operate a professional wildlife removal and pest company here in Houston Texas. We are wild critter specialists, and deal only with problem animals, such as raccoons, squirrels, snakes armadillos, rats, mice, bats, snakes, and more. We are not exterminators who use poison to solve a problem. We are fully licensed and insured trained biologists, and provide a complete solution to any wildlife problem. We service both homes and commercial properties throughout the greater Houston area. Give us a call any time to discuss your critter problem and we will schedule an immediate appointment. We can usually come to your property same day, or if not, then next day, and we also perform emergency work. We operate 24/7

You should not call a standard bug-killing, poison spraying Houston Extermination Company if you have a wild animal problem. Those companies are not properly educated or equipped to handle critter problems. They are used to spraying poison to get rid of roaches, ants, termites, etc. If you need wildlife removed from a house or building or property, please call a wildlife specialist who will humanely trap and remove the animals, and solve the problem completely and permanently.

Houston Exterminator Company Tip
Rat poisoning and where the rats go - Poisoning rats is one of the most common errors do-it-yourselfers make when attempting to remedy a rat issue. Where the rats go after they have been poisoned is a huge part of the reason why professionals avoid the toxins. Rats that ingest enough poison to die will not die instantly. These animals will become sick. Like all living creatures, sick rats will look for comfort to negate the poor effects they are feeling. Comfort can be in the form of water, food, warmth, or a quiet, dark space. No matter where the animal decides to be when it reaches its final moments, that location is most often somewhere inside the structure of the building. A dead rat lodged in the home will begin to decay almost immediately. The process of decomposition will create a foul odor that will pervade the home. This smell will not go away unless the body is found and all remnants of it are removed. Waiting for the carcass to dry out can take weeks or months if not longer. If multiple rats have died within the home, you will have a serious issue on your hands if they are not found as soon as possible. Not only will a dead animal smell, the odor will attract other animals to the home.