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Houston Dead Animal Removal

Yes, we provide dead animal carcass removal. If you have a dead critter on your property, we will come and bag it and incinerate it. More often, we deal with dead animals inside homes. If you've had rats, or squirrels, or even raccoons living in your attic or walls, they will eventually die, and if you didn't take the precautions to trap and remove them, you'll end up with the worst smell your house has ever undergone. That's when we come to your home with a smile on our face, and we find and remove that dead animal. If we have to cut a hole in the wall, scour the insulation in the attic, or crawl under the building, we will do what it takes to find and remove that stinky, rotting, body. We deodorize the area, and we find out how that dead critter got in, and we seal the hole shut, if you want.

Houston Dead Animal Removal Tip
Dead animal carcass removal in Houston Texas - No one wants to wake up to discover there are dead animals somewhere in the home; however this is what the putrid odor emanating from you wall means. Dead animals in the home occur in one of two ways: The animals were deliberately poisoned or they died of old age or illness. When you are dealing with multiple animals, old age is probably not a simultaneous killer. Dead animals in the home is the primary reason why poisoning is never recommended. The smell that comes with decay will not go away until the remains are found and removed or until nature completed the process and the body dries out. For a large animal, or multiple animals, this can mean weeks or months. You do not have to tackle finding dead animals alone. Many professional animal removers also offer a dead animal service. The professionals will know how to read the air currents in the home to determine just where the animals are inside the walls. Because multiple locations are involved, hiring a pro will mean less damage to your home when it comes time to cut away drywall and remove the remains. If you’re lucky, the expert will also clean up the mess, saving you from having to battle with an enzymatic cleanser.