About the Texas Green Anole

If you’re planning to explore the Texas wild life, you will see different kinds of animals like birds, rodents and also lizards. Aside from the easy to recognize squirrels, you will (at some point) encounter something you haven’t seen before. What are green anoles?

Appearance and Behavior
Green anoles (AnolisCarolinensis) measure around thirteen to twenty centimeters long and has very strong adhesive feet. Just like Iguanas, their feet allow them to crawl on the walls. From the family of Iguanidae, this type of lizard can actually change from its green color to any shades of gray or brown.
- A male anole is significantly larger than a female Houston anole
- A male anole posses a pink colored loose skin (dewlap) below its neck
- The dewlap is used to attract their female counterpart
- Dewlaps are also used to drive away other male anoles that threatens their dominance
- A male anole can perform series of stunts just to show off (bob its heads out or push its body up and down)

Distinctive characteristics
One of the interesting facts about Texas green anole (pronounced as “ah-no-lee”) is that the variety of color changes actually depends on their health, body temperature and mood. Humid environment also affects their color one way or another. Although green anoles - Pointed snout
- Long and slender body
- Long tail
- Very distinctive marks between male and female
- Territorial instinct (male)
- Male posses highly dominant characteristics

Habitat and survival
The green anole can be found along fences, walls, bushes and trees just as long as there are green surroundings. They breed around March to October while the female Houston green anole laid its only egg every 2 weeks. The egg will appear very small and quite leather to touch.
- Green anoles live in the eastern and southern parts of the US
- Their diet consist of spiders, small crickets and other types of insects
- House pets (e.g. cats and wild birds) are threat to the safety of these animals

Current state
Because of the popularity of geckos being sold as pets, it’s not unusual to see one on top of the roof of any houses. This sight is quite common if you live somewhere in Texas as well as in any Georgian town. Some wild animals manage to escape from their owners and allow them to breed elsewhere. Due to this, green anoles mostly live in trees whether in urban or suburban places.
- Green anoles are active during daytime and are mostly fond of warmer climates
- These Houston lizards wallow on vegetable patches or anything that serves them grubs or any variety of insects (rotten wood, roof shingles, tree bark, etc.)

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