What Kind of Noises and Sounds do Bats Make When They Live in Your House?

In short, if there are enough bats, you can hear them chirping and making vocal sounds, and rustling as they scurry inside the attic or walls at dusk as they wake up and prepare to fly out of the house. Usually Houston bats have a high affinity for high altitudes and high temperature as well. Therefore most of the time the bats are found in the places like the attic, chimneys and roofs of the house. It is very rare and almost near to impossible that the bats are found in the shed or porch or somewhere underneath. You can also judge about the presence of bats from the direction of sounds which they produce. Definitely the bats will always be in the form of groups called maternity colonies. Therefore it depends on the size of the group of Texas bats that determines what kind of sounds they produce. In case of small group of bats in the house, there is normally not much noticable vocal noise and they tend to be more silent. Such a group of bats is so much silent that you cannot even note the presence of bats in your house. However, a large group can produce noticeable sound.

Tracing the sounds of bats by observing their movements
According to Houston experts the best way of finding out the exact location of bats and hearing to the voices they create is by observing their movements especially at the dawn and dusk. These are best times because when the bats are going out of their shelter or coming back, they make their characteristic voices which are not only audible but also distinguishable. In case of a large colony of bats, the voices can be heard much clearly and in a louder tone. Usually the high pitched voices are due to the competition among them for space especially when they come out to roost at night. Normally the kinds of voices produced by Texas bats are not in the audible range and they lie in the range of ultrasonic. However, the bats also make chirping sounds which can be heard by humans.

Variety of bats
Generally there is a vast variety of the species of bats. Normally the kind of bats which is found in the buildings and domestic places is of the colonizing bats. Bats cannot be related to Houston rodents or mice. In fact they are more closely related to primates and there are several reasons for this relationship. Just like primates, the anatomy of fore and hind limb of the bats has been studied and it has been found that there is an analogy between the two. That is why and due to many other resembling features, bats can be more closely related to primates rather than to rodents.

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